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Ian Bryan Ian Bryan, former CEO of New Human, Inc., founded The Sensible City in 2001. A business consultant with an eye for the future, he's best known for his role in the creation of what is now commonly referred to as Community-Oriented Marketing, also the title of his book.

“Without Mimi’s patience, tenacity and editorial wisdom, I doubt that my book would have been received with such high acclaim. Thanks for being my eyes and ears on the road to a masterpiece!”

Ian Bryan can be reached at info@sensiblecity.com

Lillian Lovas Lillian Lovas teaches yoga and ecstatic dance. She published an article on The Energetics of Yoga in Positive Health, a major British magazine.

"I came to work with Mimi Sandeen who was highly recommended to me by my friend and colleague Accem Scott.

What became clear at our first meeting was her focus and tenacity to organize my thoughts and ideas, clearly interested in what I was trying to get across. She helped me map out these ideas in groups of thoughts, ideas and concepts. In this process she is ever questioning, endeavoring to be the objective reader of the project in mind, and having the questions of the future reader at hand. With this process I did not get stuck on my own understanding but focused on the piece as being understood by others, informing them as well as inviting contemplation of the ideas presented.

With all of this Mimi presents her ideas and perceptions of our discussions and gave feed back as to where I could be more clear, where I was redundant, and where I clearly lost track of myself. Also, Mimi is very sensitive to how much help and guidance I wanted or needed. Through our working together she understood my style and my point of view; this helped me understand how effectively I was communicating. Mimi's flexibility was also, very useful to me. If I needed a task master to keep me on track with the project, that was provided, if I needed creative inspiration or an objective ear, that was provided, and if I needed space to contemplate and work on the project, that was provided as well.

Mimi works with you to whatever degree of help and guidance you require. I look forward to working with Mimi in the near future."

Lillian can be reached at www.lillianirenelovas.com

Bonnie Winer Bonnie Winer is a film editor, writer & CEM practitioner.

"I have had the opportunity to work with Mimi Sandeen on several writing and media projects in the early stages of research. Mimi was instrumental in helping me assess where to focus and how to proceed to develop them.

Mimi is a very articulate and perceptive consultant and collaborator. A lot of ground is covered with great thoroughness. She is clear about where her expertise lies and communicates her perceptions in a respectful and collaborative manner so that I always felt she was looking for the highest and truest value in the work, supporting me in my vision while also offering whatever her experience and creativity would contribute. As a film editor, I am aware of the delicate balance required to do this effectively. I was most impressed by Mimi's ability to draw out and clarify the real issues for me in wanting to develop these projects so that I could move through the confusion quickly and find the essential focus of the work. She also made me aware of other ways the ideas at hand could develop and expand and where I needed to proceed next.

I enjoy Mimi's enthusiasm and dedication and I look forward to working with her again as I continue to work and develop these projects."

Bonnie Winer can be reached at bonniewiner@aol.com



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