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Contributing editor for Ian Bryan:
Community-Oriented Marketing book cover Community-Oriented Marketing: The Definitive Guide To
Enlightened Business Development, published February 2004

Editorial assistance for Magnolia Street Publishers:
Integrative Approaches to Family Art Therapy, Revised Edition
by Shirley Riley, MFCC, A.T.R., published 2004

Editorial assistance for Nyala Publishing:
Clear Across the Bridge book cover Clear Across the Bridge
by Athanasius U. P. Ohaya, published 2004

Texture of Dreams book cover The Texture of Dreams
by Fasil Yitbarek, published June 2005


Positive Health Magazine Articles
See www.positivehealth.com

Co-written with Accem Scott, ND:
"The Chinese Energetic Method" Issue 81, October 2002
Link here to sample the CEM article

"Naturopathy: Conscious Way to Whole Health" Issue 88, May 2003
Link here to sample the Naturopathy article

Editing & Creative Consultation for Lillian Lovas:
"Hatha Yoga: Energetics of Movement Transformation"
Issue 83, December 2002
Link here to sample the Yoga article

  My Own Work
For more on my approach to writing, especially as an expressive & transformative process, visit my Word Alchemy site:



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