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  Working with words is my specialty. Expressive writing is my passion. Bringing out the best in writing - on both practical and creative levels - is my business.  

As an editor and a writer, my commitment is to help you find the power within your writing, and to transform that power into an expressive communication of ideas and feelings.

As an editor, I'll bring flow to your words and focus to your ideas. I'll find the threads & help you re-weave them into a satisfying fabric of ideas, images and feelings.

As a collaborative writer, I'll join my abilities with yours to create an expressive work that stimulates the mind and sparks the imagination.

As a consultant, I can help you energize your project. I can aid you in renewing your inspiration, re-discovering your direction, and re-establishing your purpose in writing.

You may be writing from your life experiences, writing to create fiction, writing to inform or inspire, or writing for your business. Whatever your purpose in writing, your intention is to communicate. Your success in expressing your ideas and feelings effectively is of personal importance to you. Your words represent you. Your writing is an extension of you. Your words. Your ideas. Your feelings.

Your success in writing is of personal importance to me. As your editor, writing partner, or consultant, my goal is to help you communicate with immediacy and impact. My purpose is to help you achieve the potential in your writing to be at its most powerful and expressive.

Let me help you put wings on your words and fly.



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