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The internet is a great resource, full of informative and stimulating sites. These are a few of the links that, as a writer and wordsmith, I find especially useful or engaging. Take a walk through cyberspace and visit them at your leisure. You may come across just the information or fresh perspective you need.

So, browse though, pick one, click on the icon & enjoy!
  open book icon DaFont
If you're a writer, you may also enjoy fonts. A part of my own creative process is choosing a font that expresses the feeling of my words. Besides, fonts are fun!
  open book icon Orisinal
This is a delightful site for those of us who enjoy fun and whimsy. Games, kinetic experiments, and the opportunity to "pick" some flowers, then arrange & send them with a personal note to a friend or loved one. A gently stimulating, enchanting experience.
  open book icon Writing-World.com
An internet newsletter for writers. Practical, readable articles on the nuts and bolts issues. Contests, classes, resources.
  open book icon The Book Arts Web
The esoteric & technical sides of the book as a physical form. Links &/or tutorials on bookbinding, conservation, calligraphy, papermaking. A gallery of "art books". Appreciate books in a new way--Form expressing Content.
  open book icon What Is a Cosmos?
An essay by David Fideler defining the nature of life as an expression of harmony, beauty, and order. If everything about us, including our creative life, is reflected in what we believe, this is a perspective that's worth taking the time to read.
  open book icon Right Now The Internet is usually a reflection of our lives--too much extraneous distraction demanding our time & energy. This site is an interlude of meditative respite in the midst of the visual & mental clutter. For full effect, turn your speakers on. Renew your spirit. Refresh yourself. Come back ready in heart and mind.  


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